Saturday, 16 March 2019

FREE Global MLM Giant 'Atomy' in Pre-Launch in India

There is a great marvelous news for all the opportunity seekers and all people who are looking for a decent and honest way to make money (many lakhs per month) legally and respectfully with an unbelievable out of pocket investment of 'zero' rupees. Usually most MLM (Network Marketing Businesses) make some people rich and some people losers. As all people are not experts to tell lies and drag other innocent people to join under them and buy things which they never need at high price..!

Atomy is different. It is started with a different concept, by a visionary person as its CEO Han-Gil Park. It is backed by 'Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute' (KAERI) of South Korea, a country which is the global capital of innovative manufacturing companies like Samsung, Hyundai, LG Electronics etc.. Atomy is found and run by the philosophy Absolute Quality, Absolute Price”. That is one of the main reasons for its warm acceptance world wide.

In any network marketing one needs to find a responsible person (upline) to join who will also think about the other people in his team and try to extend some help and support for their success also. If most people who put little effort in a team succeed, it will be fine.

As the announcement of launching Atomy offices and operation in India after its successful performance in Korea, USA and many countries, has alerted all network marketing leaders and all stake holders and they have started building their teams. Those who are in search of a power team (power leg) can join our team and get benefited. 

There is no limit to the size of the network. One can join unlimited number of persons in binary form (two legs). When someone in your team buys a product somewhere someday, you get a PV credited to your account and can get paid weekly. Members can also buy the high quality products at very low price for self (family) use and the use of friends and contacts.

MLM Leaders, Network Marketing Lovers, anyone living anywhere in the world, interested to become a FREE Member in Atomy Global Company and make a decent part time business with NO out of pocket investment and make a sustainable income for life being a valued member in our top Atomy power team can contact to the below mentioned email address now: 

top atomy

Best wishes & Happy earning...

Thursday, 28 December 2017

New Low-cost forced money matrix: Turn $2.00 into $1000s in 2018

Another new year (2018) has arrived. While new years are welcomed by the rich and the affluent, the poor and average people consider them as nightmares. With the coming of new years their financial burdens also increase in leaps and bounds. And to find a solution to this, they desperately search for some easy and fast ways to make some quick money without much investment or effort.

Pays4ever seems to be an ideal solution for the poor and needy to earn some easy money quickly with a onetime out of pocket investment of just $2.00. There are many advantages and some disadvantages for this cheap and fast money matrix that enables one to earn upto $1,000,000 through the power of network marketing. Even if a person who joins this matrix and purchases advertisement for $2, succeeds to earns only 10% of the projected income he/she would make about $100,000! Suppose a member achieves only 1% success, his/her earning would be $10,000. It is not a small thing to ignore easily.

According to the predictions of the founders of advertising portal, it could be the fastest moving program in 2018.

- Low Entry Cost - Just $2
- No Referral Needed To Earn
- No Admin Fees - Ever
- Direct "Member to Member" Payments 'instantly'
- Small 2X3 Forced Matrix
- Spillover & Spillunder

Their FORCED Matrix Plan as the site says is Simply Amazing and the outcome is huge..

Phase 1 : Invest $2 - Earn $100
Phase 2 : Invest $20 - Earn $1000
Phase 3 : Invest $200 - Earn $10000
Phase 4 : Invest $2000 - Earn $100000
Phase 5 : Invest $20000 - Earn $1000000

For the upgrade amount of $2.00, member gets 2000 Banner Credits and 2000 Text Ad Credits that can be used to promote other websites or links. More ad credits are added to the account while going to the higher levels!

To Join, power team and avail lot of spillover referrals and income, please click this link and Register. As soon as you register, make the advertisement purchase by paying $2.00 to your sponsor directly through one of the payment processors listed in the back-office.

The demerits that I wish to add here are:

- I could not find the person/s who runs the show anywhere in the site.
  (But as payments are made directly to the members, it does not matter much)
- As a lot of advertisements are listed inside, it looks little clumsy inside.
- Even though, members may get lot of spillover referrals in the beginning, I don't know how the people who join after years get spillover?
- Please do not join if you cannot afford to risk $2.00 dollars.

Best wishes and Happy Earning.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Easy, Fast and Affordable $5 Matrix. NO Sponsoring Needed!

For those who are waiting for an affordable and simple Online Earning Opportunity, there is some good news..! A new online advertising portal with a forced matrix business portal is getting prepaid for global launch. The new online portal by name ... is providing a unique and innovative income plan along with a number of online tools. According to the earning formula designed by the promoters, a onetime investment of just $5.00 will enable a member to earn as much as $14,000 each and every month..! is expected to launch on 14th November, 2017...!

It seems it is very easy to earn money passively here. Every member who joins the online platform and makes a purchase for $5.00 will automatically enter the forced 2x matrix and becomes eligible to receive huge monthly income. The beauty of the plan is such attractive that, unlike other online multilevel matrices, every member has more chances of getting success here, even without any personal referring/sponsoring...! All those who grabbed the early bird advantage have the possibility of getting break-even on the day of launch itself without any sponsoring. 

That means, every upgraded member can get 3 referrals as 'power start bonus' under him and get $1.50 from each.! So he earns $4.50 back for his $5.00 purchase without any effort or work. And the advertisement and other digital tool pack that he bought is almost FREE! So there is NO risk or NO Loss for anyone. 

On the other hand, if a member succeeds in inviting 1 referral, he/she will be in profit in the beginning itself. And Serious affiliate marketers and people looking for a legitimate business and work from home opportunity. 

In short, is a small but powerful online business opportunity anyone can do. As the initial capital is just 5 dollars, it is affordable even for the poor. Hence it is a highly recommended opportunity for all people who are urgently in need of a lot of money and are debt-ridden. If for any reason, one member fails to earn money as desired, there will not be any loss for him except the $5 which will never ruin anybody's life.

Multilevel Affiliate Marketing is the Easiest, Fastest and Best method to make some considerable amount of money with very low out of pocket investment and very little work. And forced matrix is much more easier and advantageous and helps all in the team for passive earning.

But when you join any MLM / Network Marketing, you should remember to join under a Honest and active Person who has only one position in the matrix. This will help many weak and slow marketers to fill their vacant positions with the huge spill-over from the upline and earn faster...!

So, most people who join in my TEAM will get a lot of benefit of my dedicated work. However, if you join any MLM / Matrix programs, I urge you to put your effort also so that all in the TEAM will get benefited...!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

How to Get 3.24 Bitcoins Absolutely FREE Surfing a Traffic Exchange

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin....! 

As the value of 1 bitcoin reached $5000 early this month, more and more people started giving serious attention to this Cryptocurrency. People started believing the predictions of the experts about the sudden and steep rise in the value of Bitcoin. Many financial experts have foretold that 1 BTC will be equal to $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 within few years. And some have even felt that it may even become $1 million in few years. 

Watching these situations, the rich are buying and amassing Bitcoins to sell them later like shares of companies. And the average persons and poor people are desperately searching online for some easy and fast ways to earn some FREE BTCs (without any out of pocket investments). Many of these innocent people fall in the trap of scammers (cheaters) and waist a lot of their time and their hard earned money.

Here I have discovered a practical and simple way to earn as much as 3.24 Bitcoins Every 51 Days with 'zero' out of pocket investment (or every 21 Days with a onetime investment of 0.0005 btc (about $2) and about 30 minutes /3 minutes daily surfing in the world's first bitcoin traffic exchange network. Its name  is an online advertising system. It is From Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark - trusted and reputed Admins/Owners.

In addition to Bitcoins, You also get Effective traffic Credits to advertise your websites/links in their traffic exchange for FREE.

Here is the Easy and Simple way to Make 3.24 FREE Bitcoins every 51 Days or 21 Days:

To Earn 3.24 BTC In 51 Days FREE ...

Follow these steps : 

- Click this Link and Register at the Infinity Traffic Boost site and verify your e-mail:
- Log-in to your Back-office and Activate "Use earnings to purchase TPO´s your way up" in the "Affiliate / Earnings" section
- Surf 100 Pages a day / approx. only 30 minutes
- Refer some members preferably 4 persons who will do the same.

That is all what you have to do to earn 3.24 BTC in 51 days for FREE.

How to Earn 3.24 BTC In 21 Days - my way..(with a tiny onetime investment)

Follow these steps :

- Click this link and Register at the Infinity Traffic Boost and verify your e-mail:
- Log-in to your back-office and Activate "Use earnings to purchase TPO´s your way up" in the "Affiliate / Earnings" section
- Purchase TPO 1 for only 0.0005 Bitcoin (approaximately $2)
- Surf 10 Pages a day / approx. 3 minutes
- Refer 4 persons who are doing the same

That is all what you have to do to earn 3.24 BTC in 21 days with 0.0005 ($2).

Of course, you can refer more people. The more you refer, the more you earn faster.

Have fun and earn Bitcoins!

For more information, Watch/check the website below:

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How to Become a Bitcoin Millionaire without any investment

All people who are aware of the rise in the value of Bitcoins are enthusiastic to acquire as many Bitcoins as possible. When the rich can afford to buy or earn some Bitcoins with some investment, there are a lot of people who are searching for some free workable means to possess hundreds of Bitcoins. As an answer to the search of such people to earn and own Bitcoins, here I am sharing an easy method to make bitcoins with absolutely ZERO (0) investment with some smart and dedicated work and by Joining and sharing some genuine and trending tiny forced BTC matrices like ...

... is the smallest (but largest in earning) of all Forced BTC Matrix Opportunities in the world. To Join the opportunity all what is needed is just 0.0002 btc (about 20 cents as of now or 20,000 Satoshi). If you can afford to invest that amount, you can straight away click this link and enter the forced Matrix. If you don't have any money (BTCs) to invest now, don't worry,  Here I shall show an easy way to make some FREE Bitcoins (Satoshis) easily within a couple of days effort to buy a matrix position in the smallest and easiest BTC Matrix and get a chance of earning a whopping amount of 2343 Bitcoins Passively with some simple smart work..!

If you are a newbie to the bitcoin, the first thing you need to do is open (create) a free Bitcoin wallet preferably with You can receive and send bitcoins through this wallet.

Secondly you need to join these FREE and paying Bitcoin faucets that give away free Satoshi (0.00000001 part of a bitcoin). Each faucet has its own specifications and time gap to claim Satoshis. Some offer certain amount of free Satoshi every 5 minutes. Claim as often (frequently) as possible. 




Also join this PTC (Paid to Click) BTC Site and earn FREE Satoshis.


The Below Listed Websites Offer Both Bitcoins/Dollars as their daily Revenue share and an Opportunity to Advertise your Referral Links: To get FREE Rev-share Money and Advertising Credits, surf/click some ads (Minimum 10, maximum 100) daily.



After Earning some Satoshis in your blockchain wallet (some 40,000 or so), you can Click the Link and Join it. Then you can share your referral link to get referrals and money without fully depending upon spillover referrals alone...

Warning: There are several cunning foxes waiting online to deceive the innocent people of their money, information, effort etc with their irresistible offers. Don't join them and allow yourself to be cheated. All the Money multiplying offers (within hours) are scams.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Make free Bitcoins instantly. Honest BTC paying sites 2017

Do you want to start earning free Bitcoins instantly right now? Here is the list of some selected, tested and Honest BTC Portals that Pay in Satoshis, mBTC, etc in 2017. If you want you can start now and grow your earnings from '0' to BTCs in many ways. Some of them pay certain amount of Satoshis through their 'faucets' for just solving a captcha code every time as specified by them. Some others pay for clicking and viewing ads for few seconds. Please check below for more details.

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin aka BTC is a digital currency. It has no shape or solid form. It is created, owned and operated by people. It is not owned or controlled by any government or country. It is stored and transacted electronically. It is also called as one of the crypto-currency. It is the most valuable of all cryptocurrencies world-wide as on today. the value of a BTC which was just few dollars few years back has grown to an astonishing $1230 as on today! According to the opinion of Global financial experts, the value of 1 BTC may cross $10,000 in a couple of years and may even rise to $50,000 within some years...! Unbelievable no...?

Rich people who hear about this run helter-skelter to buy and possess some Bitcoins. and the average people who cannot afford to buy or own Bitcoins now are searching for some Opportunities to earn some Bitcoins for FREE. Many such people who go in search of easy and/or free bitcoin opportunities fall in the trap of scamsters who have created some fake websites (like spider webs) and wait / attract innocent people to go and become their victims...!

Before trying to Earn Bitcoins, you must have a FREE Block Chain Wallet and ID.

Important: Important: Important: Warning...!

Before joining any free or HYIP (high-yield investment programs), please check this excellent website titled 'BadBitcoin' with full information of all Bitcoin (BTC) related scams, cheatings and frauds! Their service is great. Hats off to those behind this great mission of helping the innocent people from falling into the clutches of online frauds! 

FREE Honest advertising Websites that are paying Revenue sharing Profits Daily for Surfing / clicking minimum 10 ad links!:

1. Infinity Traffic Boost: Surf minimum 10 pages and enter in the daily surfers pool to get rev-share. To increase earnings and receive life long revenue sharing profits, you can invest small and affordable amount by buying ad packs that are of low-cost! Members get credits for getting free traffic for their links and cash 8 levels deep!

2. Leads Leap: Click minimum 10 member ads each day and get daily rev-share profits. If you click more ads you can earn more credits and convert them to cash. If you want you can advertise your other program's referral links on this site and get free traffic also.

FREE Bitcoin Faucets that are paying: (Please check each site before knowing their policies and withdrawal limits.)

1. Free BitCoin: 

2. Moon

3. Bonus

FREE Bitcoin Paid to Click Sites that are paying: (Please check each site before knowing their policies and withdrawal limits.)

Coin Bulb:

Please watch this page for new updates/listings.... Thanks and Best of Luck!

After Earning some Bitcoins You can invest them in easy and low-cost referral matrix programs like BTChamp (with just 50,000 Satoshis) and grow your earnings with little effort to as much as 115 BTC!:

Friday, 10 March 2017

Cheapest BITCOIN Matrix MLM. Turn 0.0005 (50 Cents) into 115 BTC

As the value of 1 BitCoin (1 BTC) crossed the $1000 mark suddenly last week, Bitcoin started gaining rapid momentum. According to the opinion of global economists who are keenly watching the sudden growth of this crypto-currency, One Bitcoin (BTC) is expected cross $10,000 mark very soon and may reach up to $50,000 withing few years.

Being an online earning enthusiastic person, I too have decided to try my luck to earn some Bitcoins in the easiest and fastest way without risking any of my money or my referrals' money. 

I am listing them below so that anyone interested to join my TEAM may take a fast step and lock-in your early positions. As I have already mentioned in my other posts, I join programs only after making some study about them and if I am convinced that they are sustainable and easy for making passive money, not only for me but also all my Team members. is one of the cheapest, smallest, latest and best online earning programs to make some Bitcoins without much investment or effort. It is a 2 x 6 Forced Auto-fill Matrix. The onetime investment is just 0.0005 BTC (now under $0.60). Half a dollar is not a big amount for anyone to invest. And the earning potentiality is above 115 BTC! (About 138,000 USD as of now! What will be its value after some months?) 

As it is a 2x6 level forced matrix, one person can accommodate only 2 persons under them and the other referrals are passed down to the vacant paces below the sponsor (any levels deep)! That means, As a dedicated referrer, many people will click my referral link and join my TEAM. But only 2 persons can be placed directly under me and the third person will be placed by the system under any vacant position somewhere in my TEAM.

If you are a motivated person with a desire to make some money and want to join my team, you are welcome. Even though many of my referrals get a lot of spill-over referrals from me and my sponsors, I expect my TEAM members also to put little effort and try to refer some members this marvelous  opportunity. It will help the non-active members in your down-line also to get some referrals and money. In any multilevel (network) marketing, if the uplines (sponsors) are selfish and intend to make some short-term profit (giving false promises), the entire TEAM fails. I have seen a lot of such selfish people (so called leaders) in the past and suffered a lot.

Hence if you are interested in BTChamp, click this link and join:

Immediately After Registering, activate your ID by paying .0005 btc through your back-office. When you submit the hash ID of the payment, the system automatically verifies and approves your payment and activates your ID. Then use your Referral link and try to bring-in at least 2 persons.

Note: After FREE Registration, there is a time limit for upgrading (activating) the ID by making the donation. If it is not done within that period, your account is auto deleted and the position is given to another person...!