Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Happy Independence Day: Lifestyle Marketing Site Enabled Login: How to Login...?

M I Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd
Our Great Country is celebrating her 67th Independence Day. Though 66 long years have passed since the independence of our mother land, majority of her citizens are still reeling under poverty and financial dependence.

This years Independence Day has a great and surprise gift for those who want to realize the power of 'Financial Freedom. A new Network marketing Company by name, 'M I Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd' has
emerged with a definite plan and opportunity for the average Indian to attain 'Financial Independence' from today.

Net work Marketing, also known as Multilevel marketing is the only answer and solution for the ordinary common man with a big dream to earn huge unlimited money and become rich with very small investment.

How to Login to the Website...?

All those who have Registered with the website can now Login to with the same user ID and Password. Here you can check your position, down-lines, edit profile and other details. M I Lifestyle Marketing website Login details will be posted here later. If you want to see the latest improved website, Products, Business Plan etc. please visit the site. or Go Directly to the Site:

How to Register and become a part of this amazing Opportunity and become your own boss, working part-time as a freelancer from your home, at your convenient time...?

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Thanks and Kind Regards with Happy Earning and a Bright financial future

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Absolutely Free and Very Easy Global / International Multi Level Marketing Income Opportunity World-wide

There is an irresistible good news for those people who are seeking for a genuine opportunity to earn some (huge if net work grows..!) Passive income for life, without any investment or registration fee or product cost. This New and Latest Opportunity is known as REFERRAL BANNERS (or)

This is good and easy for all but very good and must for those people who own a web site or blog. All what one has to do is just REGISTER for FREE and copy and paste a banner code in the blog or website. The Member is paid DAILY, a limited (small) amount of Money for just displaying the banner on his/her site/blog, even if there are no clicks on the banner ads. But one CAN EARN HUGE MONEY by referring more (unlimited) active members, who also Register for FREE and Display a banner on their sites/blogs. 

Even people who do not have a website or blog Can earn by referring other members by promoting their Referral Link through Social networking sites or other PTC sites.

This opportunity is not from a new company, but from a ten year old FREE MLM Company '' paying its members for Viewing and sharing online advertisements since 2003.

As it is absolutely FREE to Join and there is no work at all to be done daily, I recommend you to try it once and see whether you can earn a lot of money by referring more people and growing your down line. If you are not interested in it for any reason, you can delete the banner pasted on your blog and cancel your account at any time. But there is no reason for you or anyone to dislike this great opportunity.

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Monday, 12 August 2013

The Best, Cheapest, Easiest, Latest MLM / Network Marketing Business / Income Opportunity in India.

There are so many average people looking and searching desperately for an opportunity to earn sufficient income for the fulfillment of their dreams. There are also so many opportunities to earn huge money. But for most of them, a lot of  knowledge and skills are required to succeed.

Are there any income earning opportunities for the average person who cannot invest big amounts as start-up cost (product / entry cost) but wish to become rich very fast (get rich quickly), without any hard and tedious work schedule...?

Yes, there are thousands of people and companies offering fast wealth with some investment, but disappear after some time (of course when they become rish enough).

In my opinion, 'Multi-level Marketing' aka 'Network Marketing' is the best way to earn some solid amount of money with very low investment and very less work and effort.

Here I am listing an opportunity to earn easy crowdfunding Money with a very small investment of just Rs 325/-. As you get a free online money receiving portal with your username for your Money, it cannot be termed as illegal. 

Even for Earning Easiest and Effortless money, some 'smart Work' and little effort is essential.

Just Click the Link, Register for FREE, Activate your ID with Only $5 (Rs.325/-) and Refer as many people as possible. Though 4 referrals are sufficient, but more are welcome and helpful for your weak down lines. Even if you refer just ONE active Referral, you will get paid thousands of Rupees from that line in 7 marvelous levels



Here I have listed some more newest and latest passive earning opportunities that require only very small onetime investments (purchase of online ad packs) and a chance to earn 1000s of dollars by sharing / referring your referral links with others. 

1. Pays4ever: $2 Global forced money matrix: Direct member to member payments. Can earn $1000s

2. Perfect Matrix Cash: $2.5 Global money matrix: Can earn $$ tens of thousands!

3. CROWD RISING: New Global Crowdfunding Portal. Very Very Huge Earning Potentiality with a onetime donation of $20: Direct and Instant Person to person payments! Can receive $$$ millions!!

Friday, 9 August 2013 Company to Activate Login for ALL who Registered with

The new and Latest LifeStyle Direct Marketing Company, which was supposed to Launch the historic Mizoram Direct marketing Limited (MDM), a joint venture with the Government of Mizoram is gearing up to launch its Unique Multi-level Marketing Business Opportunity in India.

Lifestylemarketing Company is also learnt to have holding negotiations with the Government of Mizoram to start the historic Direct Marketing Business with the active partnership of the Government, as actually planned earlier.

Even if these trials to have the Government as a Partner fails due to some reasons, the company is planning to get in to the business with some unique plans and attractive daily used products, at affordable cost.

As soon as the website becomes active, members can Join associates in their teams. Registered members can LOGIN to their accounts and view their referred members, activate their IDs, Buy Products, and with draw Commission Money.

Watch the Official Website of the Company, profile, products, and other details at:

Those who want to Join the Power line and avail Powerleg benefits can Click the Link and Register as a Distributor.

If the link does not work, Please Click the Main website and Click the 'Login' link:

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Friday, 2 August 2013

LifeStyle Marketing Company to run Successfully Mizoram Direct Marketing Business.

Life Style Marketing is a Company founded by a team of very successful Multi-level Marketing Leaders in India. 

The aim of the company is to help to provide financial independence to all who are associated with it. Their main aim and objective is to run Direct Marketing Business in India. With this aim they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the State Government of Mizoram to float a Direct / Mult-level / Network Marketing company.

But on 2nd August 2013, the Chief Secretary of the State, ditched the Principal Secretary who floated the MDML company in Kolkota on July 18, 2013, making a public statement that the Government is not associated with MDML. This led to grief many people who got registered with the MDML.

At this juncture, on July 3rd, 2013, the Original company announced that it is going to run successfully the company by name and style: 'Life Style Marketing'...!

The Company is reportedly owning another reputed Business by name where all the registered members can be proud associates and earn money legitimate online. 

All the Members who got Registered with /  link can login to their accounts and find all details in the back office with the same user name and password.

Meanwhile the company is learned to be having talks with the Government of Mizoram to run it officially with the Government's own partnership and patronage. Let us all who started loving Mizo Direct (Mizo Lifestyle) Marketing wait and see that everything is clear soon.

Those who want to Join the Power line and avail a Powerleg can Click the Link and Register as a Distributor.

If the link does not work, Please Click the Main website and Click the 'Login' link:

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To become an active Distributor of MI Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd and earn huge commissions for life you need to purchase only for Rs.1000/- worth products...!
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