Friday, 2 August 2013

LifeStyle Marketing Company to run Successfully Mizoram Direct Marketing Business.

Life Style Marketing is a Company founded by a team of very successful Multi-level Marketing Leaders in India. 

The aim of the company is to help to provide financial independence to all who are associated with it. Their main aim and objective is to run Direct Marketing Business in India. With this aim they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the State Government of Mizoram to float a Direct / Mult-level / Network Marketing company.

But on 2nd August 2013, the Chief Secretary of the State, ditched the Principal Secretary who floated the MDML company in Kolkota on July 18, 2013, making a public statement that the Government is not associated with MDML. This led to grief many people who got registered with the MDML.

At this juncture, on July 3rd, 2013, the Original company announced that it is going to run successfully the company by name and style: 'Life Style Marketing'...!

The Company is reportedly owning another reputed Business by name where all the registered members can be proud associates and earn money legitimate online. 

All the Members who got Registered with /  link can login to their accounts and find all details in the back office with the same user name and password.

Meanwhile the company is learned to be having talks with the Government of Mizoram to run it officially with the Government's own partnership and patronage. Let us all who started loving Mizo Direct (Mizo Lifestyle) Marketing wait and see that everything is clear soon.

Those who want to Join the Power line and avail a Powerleg can Click the Link and Register as a Distributor.

If the link does not work, Please Click the Main website and Click the 'Login' link:

Sponsor:  4820038328  (Please copy and Paste)

Position :  Right

To become an active Distributor of MI Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd and earn huge commissions for life you need to purchase only for Rs.1000/- worth products...!
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