Friday, 9 August 2013 Company to Activate Login for ALL who Registered with

The new and Latest LifeStyle Direct Marketing Company, which was supposed to Launch the historic Mizoram Direct marketing Limited (MDM), a joint venture with the Government of Mizoram is gearing up to launch its Unique Multi-level Marketing Business Opportunity in India.

Lifestylemarketing Company is also learnt to have holding negotiations with the Government of Mizoram to start the historic Direct Marketing Business with the active partnership of the Government, as actually planned earlier.

Even if these trials to have the Government as a Partner fails due to some reasons, the company is planning to get in to the business with some unique plans and attractive daily used products, at affordable cost.

As soon as the website becomes active, members can Join associates in their teams. Registered members can LOGIN to their accounts and view their referred members, activate their IDs, Buy Products, and with draw Commission Money.

Watch the Official Website of the Company, profile, products, and other details at:

Those who want to Join the Power line and avail Powerleg benefits can Click the Link and Register as a Distributor.

If the link does not work, Please Click the Main website and Click the 'Login' link:

Sponsor:  4820038328  (Please copy and Paste)

Position :  Right

To become an active Distributor of MI Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd and earn huge commissions for life you need to purchase only for Rs.1000/- worth products...!


  1. When are they going to commence the business?
    Why this long delay...?

  2. Nice Company. When are they going to establish centers at cities...?


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