Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kaun Benega Crorepati (KBC) Season 7 telecast from September 7th: How to become a Crorepati...?

Cadbury KBC Season 7 on Sony TV
The first and the fore most super-hit reality show in India hosted by the Great Indian legendary actor and humanitarian Amitab Bachchan is coming with the seventh season as the Maha Crorepati show on the Sony TV Channel, with an increased reward of seven crores for the successful winner.

How to participate in the KBC show ...? Every one wants to get in to the mega reality quiz show and earn some money. To reach the hot seat, one has to cross many hurdles and prove his/her ability, smartness and knowledge. 

Who does not want to become a Crorepati (Millionaire)...? If any possibility and easy opportunity available, every one from small children to the aged want to become super rich....! Now-a-days even the hermits, monks and sanyasis who have renounced everything in life, are hunting for Money. Because the power of money is such these days. 

However no one should engage in any illegal or anti-social activities to earn quick and easy money. Rather respond to legitimate Opportunities positively to earn and fulfill one's dreams.

But I have found a short-cut for everyone with a wish to become a Crorepati without any hard work or any extra talents. Anybody and every body can become without any investment (but just a small 120/-) in a very Legal way. 

The name of the Company offering the excellent Opportunity is Quiz India, an online Educational test paper supplier for entrance tests ranging from IIT to PG. It is very useful for all those who prepare for competitive exams and entrance tests.

Without any effort, nobody can become very rich. If you want to win a mega bumber lottery, you have to buy a lottery ticket for Rs. 100 or 200 and check for the results...! If you are the luckiest person among all who purchased the ticket only, you can win. Very rare chance.

To become a crorepati (millionaire) through this opportunity you need not be very lucky. You need not be very clever or hard working. No educational qualifications. No general knowledge is required but some desire and a zeal to earn huge money. No big investment or delay in becoming rich. But a burning passion...!

It is the easiest, best, cheapest (only Rs.120 now / Rs 150 after October, 2013) and absolutely risk-free.

If you render some 'smart work' with some dedication and a passion to earn very big amounts of money, there is a possibility to earn up to 44 crores within a year. It is quite unbelievable, but true and possible with the power of network/multilevel marketing.

Commission (in Rs)
Direct Referral25
Level 25
Level 35
Level 45
Level 55
Level 65
Level 75
Level 85
Level 95
Level 105
Level 115
Level 125
Level 135
Total Income
MonthsNumber of referralsIncome(in Rs)
1st4100 or More
Total IncomeRs. 44,73,92,400

Though this is multilevel marketing opportunity, there is no binary or other conditions to get paid. Even if you have one 'Active person' in your net work / team who refers more people, you will earn....! The money earned per referral in the down lines (13 levels) is just Rs.5/- per person, when it goes several levels deep, it becomes a huge amount of money.

In addition to over 44 Crores of Rupees as Referral Commissions, the company also pays a lot of attractive Rewards for Completing different levels. They range from DVD Player, Digital Camera, Laptop, Tata Nano Car, Hyundai Eon car, Honda Amaze Car, Mercedes Benz C Class Car, 3 BHK House, 1 Crore Cash and 5 Crore Cash....! A distributor can easily reach these levels and achieve these Rewards with some dedicated smart work...!


Level 4DVD Player worth Rs. 2000
Level 55 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
Level 615 inch Laptop with core i3 processor
Level 7Tata Nano Car
Level 8Hyundai Eon Car
Level 9Honda Amaze Car
Level 10Mercedes Benz C-Class Car
Level 113 BHK (House) worth Rs. 50 Lakhs
Level 12Cash Rs 1 Crore
Level 13Cash Rs 5 Crore

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way...!"

Click the Link, Register for FREE, activate your ID with Just Rs.120 now (150 later) and Refer as many people as possible. Help them do the same and duplicate it further. Once your network grows, your main job will be to withdraw your growing bank balance and spend the money judiciously and legally for your personal, family and social benefits.

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How to pay the membership fee and activate ID?

There are many payment options. You can pay your membership (product cost) to the company online or offline. If you have a SBI ATM card, you can easily transfer Rs120/- to the company account any time, easily. For more payment options visit this link:



Important Note: 

By just Registering, I don't guarantee that you will earn any money. However, you 'may' get some spill over (down-lines) that come from Our referring - Power-line / Power-leg support. Please do not count only on our Referring...!

You can earn more money (crores) by referring active down-lines only (through net work marketing.) You CAN Join Your Kith and Kin and Friends and Foes in this great network opportunity: Directly or through Social Networking sites like Face Book / Twitter / E-Mail / Blogs / online Classifieds etc. You are showing an excellent opportunity for all to earn very huge money Legitimately with very low start-up cost of Just Rs.120. So you are doing a great service to the society...!

If you cannot join anyone in your team (that means, if you cannot market this business to any one - online or offline), I strongly recommend you NOT to join this (or any) Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Business Opportunity.

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  1. Is it possible to earn such a huge amount of money with just Rs.120/-.....?

    It is too good to believe. How ever I will try and see if it is possible.

    After-all I lose nothing no?

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Poor man Suresh, Chennai.

  2. Wonderful Opportunity.
    Empowers the Poor.

  3. Thanks a lot.

    I was seriously searching for a very low cost opportunity to earn big cash as I am badly in need of money and debt-ridden.

    I request your continued support....!


  4. I want to join and earn a lot of money. I can refer so many people. Because I love MLM concept. Can you pay my start-up cost...? I shall refund it later.

    1. Of-course. We are there to provide all possible help and support to all who want to earn through Multilevel Marketing Business Opportunity.

      If you are ready to strengthen our team with a goal of creating many Crorepatis ASAP, please contact us we will pay for you...!

  5. 2×2 Matrix

    “Team Rich” is a reseller program with 5 Membership Levels that you may participate in. Our members earn 100% of commissions! All payments are made directly member-to-member. You recover your initial payment immediately with your first referral .

    Program Overview:

    The initial payment in our program is only Rs.600.
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    You can earn a total of Rs.1,15,94,000 with us.

  6. Program Overview:

    The initial payment in our program is only Rs.600.
    The Team Rich uses a 2×2 Self matrix system in Phase-I and 2×2 Auto matrix system in Phase-II.
    Minimum Two Direct Referals needed for Phase-I and No Referring Needed for Phase-II.
    You get paid instantly. We do not collect money from you or your downline members. Our online software provides a convenient tool to process your income.
    No Cycling Required To Earn!
    You can earn a total of Rs.1,15,94,000 with us.

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  7. Potential Income Chart:

    Phase 1-

    Stage No. of Links Amount/Link Total Earn
    1 2 600/- 1,200/-
    2 4 1,200/- 4,800/-
    3 8 3,000/- 24,000/-
    4 16 8,000/- 1,28,000/-
    5 32 28,000/- 8,96,000/-

    Phase 2 works as the first, but now you earn 10 Times More!

    Stage No. of Links Amount/Link Total Earn
    1 2 6,000/- 12,000/-
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    5 32 2,80,000/- 89,60,000/-

    Total income: Rs.1,15,94,000

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