Sunday, 22 September 2013

Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeshwaran Season 3 Auditions: YOU TOO CAN BECOME EASILY AND QUICKLY with Rs.120/-

Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran (NAK) which means, "You Too Can Become a Crorepati (Millionaire)" is a Reality QUIZ Game show on Asianet TV Channel in Malayalam hosted by popular Actor Suresh Gopi. It is conducted in a similar way that of the most sought after Reality show in India by Veteran Actor Amitabh Bachchan by name: 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'...!

While KBC is running successfully its Seventh Season, NAK is expected to start its third season soon. In the past, though NAK has produced only one crorepati (Kodeeswaran) through its 2 successful seasons, many poor and needy people could earn somewhere from thousands of Rupees to many lakhs through it, of course with the partial support of the anchor, Suresh Gopi...!

Kodeeshwaran program is considered by all as an opportunity to earn some quick and easy money. But to get to the hot seat, one has to make a lot of SMS and many calls. Only a very few people reach the 'hot seat' after many hurdles.

If you want to earn Crores of Rupees Easily and Quickly, without any participating in any Kodeeswaran Program, you Can. It is with the Power of Multilevel (Network) Marketing. There is a very simple and Unique Business Opportunity and with this Anyone Can Earn Easily lakhs or eaven Crores. The Investment for this Opportunity is Just Rs.150/- (less than the cost of making some Audition SMS / text messages for Kodeeswaran)...!

All you have to do is to Subscribe for an Online Quiz Test series for One Year for Just Rs.150/- and Refer the Opportunity to some others. You Can Introduce it to your Relatives, friends, neighbours, School mates, any one who needs Urgent Money and Help him/her to Join some people in his team.

When the number of persons in your down-lines increase, your wallet also gets fatter...! Though the amount per person may appear to be very small, when it goes to 13 levels deep, You Earn lakhs or even Crores of Rupees without your knowledge and effort. 

Through this Business, one can earn more than 44 Crores and many other exciting Rewards. Even if one succeeds only ONE Percent, he can earn 44 Lakhs....!

If you are Clever, intelligent and Smart enough, We welcome you to be a part of our Power Team to Create many Crorepatis without participating in any reality shows or purchasing any lottery tickets.

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Note: Join the Rs.150/- opportunity only. If you want, you can consider Registering Double IDs... if you can join so many people in your team.


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