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Hello Money Seeker, Warm Welcome....!

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The Company that Provides this Amazing Opportunity is , a Global 'Crowd Funding Platform'. Anyone Can Join This webportal FREE and Create a Campaign for his/her personal or other social community needs without paying any money to any one and can receive donations to the published causes. But if you are an MLM lover (interested in Network marketing) You Can Own a Referral website Like this for $20 (Rs.1330), and Refer the Opportunity to some of your Contacts. You Can Join as many People as you want, but 5  persons is ideal and enough, and even more will get you more money to your referrals. Even if you Recruit only one active down-line in your team, you will get paid. That is the beauty of this Business. No Binary conditions or PV calculations to get paid. 

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Note: In Multilevel Marketing Business, Quick and Speedy Decision and Action is very important to attain best results and success.

Note: As I am a dedicated referrer, many people join my TEAM fast. Hence some persons who are weak in my TEAM also may get some Spill-Over Referrals, but it is not guaranteed.


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