Monday, 30 November 2015

Receive Online Crowdfunding Donations Easily for Personal Needs or Charity

'Money makes many things!' Many of the super rich persons in countries like India have amassed all their wealth through scams, corruption, smuggling and accepting forced bribes. This black money which they make through illegal means are dumped in Swiss banks or in benamy bank accounts in the country or deposited on properties that too on other people's names to escape being caught. Mostly this illegal wealth never serves them or their near and dear ones. But they are not concerned about that.

On the other hand there are many honest and talented people particularly the youth with great visions that can influence even the country but unable to implement them for want of funds to start-ups certain income generating projects. Hence many great would-be projects of these visionaries (with no political influence or knowledge to manipulate) remain in dreams as even the banks or the governments do not extend a helping hand. 

There are many genuine service-minded persons unable to fulfill their Divine Calling to Serve the less fortunate for want of money for the sustenance of many charitable activities that can be a relief to numerous deserving poor people. There are also many people ending their lives (with all members of the family) losing hope to clear their huge debts incurred in business (agriculture) and many are dying as they have no money for treatments that cost big amounts. There are also people who wish to get some donations or gifts to buy a house and or a car or for some other personal needs which they can never earn with their regular works.

Hence every one needs money. The only difference is how much? 

Putting an end to this question, a global company by name  Online Sensor based in the USA having offices in Singapore and Chennai has introduced a Free and Easy Website Portal to 'Create Campaigns' on it and receive unlimited online donations through 'Crowd Funding'.

It is FREE, FAST and EASY to JOIN (register) in it and start receiving huge money (donations) for anyone's need.

It may be for the clearance of the debts, buying a house / land / car / property, For the education / marriage / honeymoon / treatment, starting a business / industry, starting a School / College / Hospital, Building Churches / temples / community halls, starting (running) NGOs / Charity / Social Service Organizations etc. Hence this is a golden gift to one and all. If you do not need any money, you can earn some for your neighbour or another person who cannot access internet.

How to make unlimited money through this crowdfunding web portal?

1. Click the Link and Join (register):

2. Log-in to your account and 'create a campaign' for your favorite cause.

3. If you want to make money fast, you can refer this opportunity to some others. You can join as many people as you want. But the preferable number of referrals is 4. If your referrals also join 4 persons each, the money you receive will be more than 38 crores..! It is not a scam or scheme. The power of pure mathematics and the power of gifting a small onetime amount of money to your friend.

(To Get Your Own Website with your username for referring this, all you have to do is make a  onetime 'Donation' of $5 (Rs.325) to your referrer (sponsor), that is me...! And the beauty of this system is that when just 'one' of your referrals upgrade his/her account, the whole money of $5 (Rs.325) is credited to your account fully. 

After registering FREE on this portal, if you want to 'upgrade' and you are unable to pay online for upgradation, please contact: mlm4crores [at]

Our TEAM will extend all possible support for your success in many ways.

Note: For any reason, if our projections and calculations go wrong, or something happens somewhere, the maximum lose one member incur will be just $5! You should be willing to suffer it while deciding to upgrade.