Thursday, 22 December 2016

Cheapest $2.5 Global Money Matrix! NO Referring / Sponsoring Required to Earn

I wish to share here another newly launched global money matrix by name Perfect matrix, which I found recently that enables a prospective money seeker to make some cash without any risk (or with very low risk). The onetime out of pocket investment is only a tiny $2.5 which is paid for purchasing an advertisement package. According to the promoters of this low-cost global MLM matrix, a member can earn as much as $ 610,375 through the forced auto-fill plan if everything goes well. Though this is planned as a 5x9 matrix, the promoters assure the work of sponsoring for the members who cannot refer others. The admin promises the work of referring new down-lines for any member who cannot do the work of referring.

This small earning opportunity can be tried and tested with just $2.5 onetime investment by making a purchase of some online advertisement. One can use the ad pack to promote online any other products or services. After joining and activating one's account by purchasing the ad pack, the member can contact the admin for support to get 5 referrals. As the plan is forced matrix, all persons who click this link and join in our TEAM will get 'spillover referrals' also. 

If interested, you are welcome to click this link and join.

Check the plan and get a clear idea of the opportunity. If convinced fully, you can upgrade your account by purchasing an ad pack for $2.5 as instructed in the website through any one of the methods mentioned in the web portal. Payments are not made from person to person. Please check the website for the detailed plan and payout timings.

Note: If for any reason, anything goes against our calculations or anyone plays fowl, the risk is only $2.5. But lets believe one another...........

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Top Paying PPC for Webmasters/Bloggers/Publishers. Better than Google Adsense

Here is another opportunity for all those who want to make a lot of smart money passively and legitimately being a partner of a world famous web service provider company by name AJIBOYE that is engaged in rendering total services for small, medium or large scale businesses, from customers to billing and building and hosting beautiful websites SEO services, etc at very affordable price quickly in very short time. 

Ajiboye is so reputed, dependable and experts in their field. So they are very confident of the quality and cost of their works (that are of international high standards at irresistibly low-cost) that they are offering a 14-days FREE trial to use their services absolutely FREE at NO cost so that if any client is not happy with their services, he/she can cancel the order without losing any money. This 14-days free money back offer is attracting many valuable clients from around the world to hire their unparalleled services.

This company is extending an amazing opportunity for people who are owning websites and blogs and those that are engaged in marketing, advertising, publishing etc. to earn handsome amounts of money passively in many ways.

AJIBOYE is offering a PPC (Pay per Click) program that is probably much better and higher than that Google is paying to its millions of Adsense publishers. More over, Ajiboye is one of the few companies in the world that pays its publishers what they have earned by the clicks of its visitors every month through Paypal (however small and little it is) without holding anyone's earnings to reach certain minimum threshold...!

AJIBOYE is also giving an opportunity to sell under their brands as affiliates and earn a high commission for every sail made through the affiliate. There is also a small percentage of commission made by the group to be paid as a multilevel referral income.

As this an excellent opportunity for people with or without websites or blogs to earn passive income for life through this global hi-tech company AJIBOYE without any investment or fees or hard work, it is highly recommended to make use of this. 

Click this link and Join:

Important: Please read the terms and conditions before joining.

Cheaters and Dishonest persons, are warned not to waste their time or our time, as they will not be paid and their accounts will be banned.

Best Portal to Make Money through 'Pay Per Impressions' with your Webpage.

This is easier than we think. This is very Lucrative Idea!

Join the Portal by Registering:

Login to your account and Copy and Paste the Web Ring Code on the Webpage.

After Adding the Webring Code, List your Webpage in the specified place.

You can see the counter and watch your earnings grow passively.

When your earnings is $5.00 or more request it to your Paypal or Payza  account!

Happy Passive Earning...............with your Website / Blog / Webpage...

Sunday, 27 November 2016

New Risk-free, Low-cost, Global Forced Auto-fill Money Matrix with $2

In my previous posts in this blog, I have listed about a Crowdfunding (Crowd fund-raising) Opportunity which is a great boon for all people who have a dream to fulfill and require very huge money for that, particularly those who are debt-ridden and broken. The main purpose of my searching, studying and sharing Multilevel / Network Referral Opportunities is because I think (and am convinced) that average people can realize their dreams only with such opportunities through leveraging works of others through networking with small onetime investments.

Those who do not have or cannot donate $20 to become eligible to participate in the above mentioned Crowdrising program can now try this small global MLM opportunity which only requires a onetime out of pocket investment of just a tiny $2 (yes, two dollars only)...! This is not a donation based opportunity but a program where you are purchasing advertisement credits for any of your websites or referrals links/banners for $2. Along with ad credits, you are entering a forced global money matrix where your 2 dollars grow into hundreds of dollars in few stages and levels in a short time period.

The name of the website that offers this new global referral earning opportunity is It is an advertising portal where one can purchase ads worth $2 (2 dollars) for promoting any business or websites. Hence this is not a ponzy or pyramid scheme or scam. The promoters are giving away immediately ad credits for one's investment of 2 dollars. Earning money through the forced matrix is an additional free opportunity provided by the owner/admin. If you can share your referral link in facebook/twitter/whatsapp etc and refer this small and risk-free opportunity with other you are pushed to higher stages and levels by the system automatically and you earn hundreds of dollars as passive money.

If you have got 2 dollars and want to take advantage of this novel earning opportunity which is legit and legal, click the link and Register:

After FREE Registration, login to your account and follow the instructions carefully to upgrade your free account by paying $2 to your sponsor before it lapses within the specified time.

After upgrading your account, even though you can earn passive money here without referring/sponsoring with the spillover (and spill-under) referrals, if you can share this to others and refer people, you and your team can reach the goal quickly and early.

To participate in this or any other online business or works, it is very essential that you have accounts with some of these online digital payment processors which are FREE. Click the below links and create an account with each of them with your best (personal) e-mail ID now. It is easy and secure.

1. Paypal

2. Payza

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How to Become a Millionaire Easily without any Money or Upgrading is a new Global Free Opportunity gearing up for a world-wide mega launch soon. Hundreds of thousands of people are joining it for getting a regular income working easily for just 15 minutes from home daily without any investment of money out of pocket. As it is yet to launch and start its functioning, no one can make a review about the wealth-start-business or term it as a scam.

As it is absolutely FREE more and more smart people are joining it and sharing it with their friends and contacts. As the owners of the website is not asking for anyones money, there is absolutely no risk for anyone, but if what they offer becomes true, one can earn as much as $110 per day for 15 minutes work.

Wealth start business is aiming to create many millionaires by March 2017 with 'zero' out of pocket invesment. According to their claims, a member can earn upto $11912 per month with an average work from home for 15 minutes. 

Members who join now get free referrals now during the soft launch period. If they can refer it to others it is well and good and their earnings increase.
As the opportunity is 100% free, you are advised not to miss it and left out.

To register and lock-in your FREE always position, please click this link:

Hurry up, only hours left for official launch.....

Best wishes and Happy Earning.

Friday, 28 October 2016


This is the latest, Easiest and most innovative Income Opportunity launched recently. This opportunity is not limited to any area or country. This is an international program. Though kick-started only few months ago, many poor and needy people have welcomed it with open hands as an opportunity sent to them by God and are receiving passive global donations (from known and unknown persons) and are working for the realization of their personal and/or social needs and dreams.

This is known as Crowd Rising (crowdfunding/crowd-sharing) opportunity the fundraising program recommended by most governments and economists world-wide to help the average/unemployed/needy persons to raise contributions for their different personal needs like clearing debts, meeting start-up costs, healthcare expenses, higher educations, buying houses, wedding, fulfilling the dreams in life, family expenses, charity, non-profit etc.etc.

Our Crowdrising portal is designed uniquely by an experienced network marketer and humanitarian visionary by name Gerhard Rempel, basing on the Divine Words, "Give and you shall receive in many folds". The amazing plan of this fundraising web-portal will enable a normal member (like you and me) to receive huge passive donations to the tune of BILLIONS in the 5x15 level forced global auto-fill matrix plan with its level upgrade formula. 

Eligibility to join and receive donations through Crowdrising Portal.

1. You should be of legal age as per the laws of your land.

2. You should have a strong desire and reason to receive huge money (millions) and should be matured enough and prudent to spend it wisely and legitimately.

3. You should have $20 and be able to afford to give a onetime donation of $20 (which is purely voluntary and non-refundable) for you sponsor's needs. 

How to start receiving crowdrising donations...?

Very simple. If you fulfill all the three above mentioned eligibility criteria, You can start now..., right now ...  and solicit global donations for your needs.

1. Click any one of this Referral links and JOIN:



2. Update all Your payment processors like Paypal, Payza, STP, bank accounts etc so that it will be easy for other like-minded people to send you donations. 
[Adding more accounts will be convenient for them to send]

3. Watch the videos to learn the income plan and how to upgrade the account by sending donation.

4. Choose any one of the payment processors listed by your sponsor in your back-office and send your onetime donation of $20 through it and provide the proof of payment sent and submit for the sponsor's approval. Please do this as early as possible. [Within 72 hours, if your account is not activated by upgrading, your account will expire.]

5. Upon seeing and verifying you payment, your sponsor will click a button and approve it within 24 hours. Now you are a proud and fortunate lifetime member of CrowdRising (CR) and you can solicit donations from like-minded people world-wide by sharing your referral link through facebook, twitter, whats app, e-mails etc.

6. As this is a 5x15 level referral income plan, if you have joined 5 members in the 1st level, your 6th referral will go to your weak downline where there is vacant position. 

Though this is a referral earning opportunity, if you hurry-up and take position under a sponsor (like the one listed above) who is good at referring, you can get free 'spill-over referrals' and receive donations without referring also. So join in our top referring power TEAM to get massive spill-over down-lines.

For any doubts/clarifications, please contact your sponsor/upline and / or the CR support.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

CROWDRISING.NET is the Ultimate Forced Auto-fill Crowd-Sharing / Crowdfunding Portal

There is an awesome new Opportunity for those people who are looking for an easy and quick method to make some substantial amount of money for any or all their personal needs or social needs or both with an affordable onetime investment of $20.

This is CROWDRISING.NET - the most modern, unique, risk-free and foolproof crowdsharing (crowdfunding/fundraising) opportunity. Though started only few months back, it has proven to the best and effective opportunity that enables even the little guy to attain financial independence through leveraging the power of network. More and more fortunate ones are discovering it day-by-day and realizing their financial dreams.

This is not a pyramid scheme or scam to dissapper with the public's money. The owners or Admins never touch or deal with the members donations. Money sending is Peer to Peer. Thus it is completely different from the other similar ones. This is the latest tech version of the age old practice of extending small donations for one person's projects, needs or fund raising campaigns such as weddings, house constructions, etc

This is ideal for people who are broken due to huge debts, who incurred loss in business or farming, who are in need of urgent money for education, treatment, marriages, buying / constructing houses, to fulfill dreams in life, to start new business / ventures, to establish and run educational institutions / hospitals / industries, for running charity, Missions, Church building etc.

Special features of Crowdrising:

* Donations are sent directly from member to member online or offline to one's bank or cash or preferred payment processor like Paypal, Payza etc.

* As donations are sent instantly and directly there is NO waiting for payouts.

* Can start Receiving Donations immediately after joining and activating account.

* No deductions or cuttings or Admin fees. Full 100% donation money is received by member from his/her referrals or down-lines referred by sponsor...

* No waiting for reaching certain minimum balance.

* As the portal is designed purely on a 5x15 level Forced Auto-fill Matrix, even a member who does not refer will receive donation from his/her sponsor's (up-line's) excess spill-over referrals, if your sponsor (upline) is a good and powerful referrer.

How to Start receiving donations through Crowdrising?

Joining CR is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Click the Link and Register:

    [You will be automatically taken to one of my weak referrals/down-lines, where there is a vacant space. As all my down-line positions are full. This will greatly help even those who are poor in referring to get spill-over referrals].

2. Check the tutorials to get a minimum idea of the plan and upgrading method.

3. Send your voluntary contribution (non-refundable - only if you are fully convinced) of $20 to your sponsor within 72 hours of Registration through any one of the payment processors listed in your back-office. After 72 hours your temporary membership expires if not activated (upgraded). Then submit the payment details in the place provided for your sponsor to receive and approve your donation.

4. When your sponsor approves your donation by clicking a button, your account becomes automatically active and you can share your referral link with others to receive donations.

Note: When you have donated $20 and activated your account, you are In the 1st level and you can receive $20 donations from 5 persons. When you get 3 donations of $20 each, you need to upgrade to the 2nd level with $40 so that you can receive $40 donations from 25 members who are in your 2nd level. In the same way, when you get 3 donations of $40 each you have to upgrade to the 3rd level with $60 which makes you eligible to get $60 donations from 125 persons in your 3rd level...

Important: When joining forced auto-fill plans such as this, it is important to choose the best TEAM or sponsors like ours to get possible spill-over referrals.

If you don't have paypal or Payza accounts, please create them free with your e-mail id. Having more accounts will help the prospective donor to send you contributions.



This is a network/referral opportunity. You can join anyone who needs money urgently. Please explain to them clearly that this is a referral opportunity before joining them in your team. Please don't misguide anyone or deceive the innocent ones by giving false promises.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Best Global Opportunity to Receive Donations INSTANTLY and Directly

This may be surely a Golden Opportunity for those who are looking for an immediate solution to their mounting financial crisis. If you are a person depressed and broken due to bad debts and struggling to clear it, you may try this. This newest and unique Opportunity is also very ideal for people who are despaired in life unable to fulfill their 'dreams' and 'Callings' in life because of the shortage of money.

All people who have personal financial needs for buying house/land, meeting educational expenses of children, wedding expenses, huge treatments costs of self or loved ones, foreign tours or pilgrimages, starting businesses, industry etc can try this. This opportunity is also very ideal for the organizations (NGOs) to raise enormous amounts of money for the successful completion/implementation of their various humanitarian and other service activities.

This is a CrowdFunding (CrowdSharing) job. The very principle is planned in accordance with the noble concept of giving many small donations for the fund-raising causes of a needy person. This can be done online or offline. As Crowdfunding is a universal legitimate method which is picking up fast momentum these days (with the arrival of internet), there are many honest agencies and corporations that function with the aim of helping persons and organizations to receive donations for their personal or social needs. Even though many of these companies extend their services free of charge (in the beginning), there is no guarantee that one can receive certain amount of money within a stipulated time period. Moreover, one need to give a fixed percentage of the collected money as commission (service charges) to the mediator agency. Worse than all of these the beneficiary has to wait until he/she reaches certain minimum amount to be paid out. This may sometime take even a lifespan.

Now coming to our Opportunity, this amazing portal is known as It is not a business or an MLM (Multilevel marketing) or Ponzy/pyramid Scheme. It is also not a money chain or scam. It purely facilitates an average person (and community) to achieve economical empowerment through sharing small affordable amounts as gifts. It is a simple opportunity to raise large amounts of money through affiliate referral programs.

This ultimate and foolproof CrowdFunding web portal works in lines with the Holy Words, "Give and you shall Receive in many folds". To become eligible to get funds, a member needs to make a small onetime voluntary contribution of $20 (Rs.1330) to his sponsor (the one who invited you to this portal by showing this to you). There is no compulsion or pressure on anyone to donate any money to any person or to the admins. Donating $20 out of pocket onetime is purely on personal choice and will.  When you refer (share) this to another needy person, you get your full 100% donation amount (ie $20) instantly (without any deduction or cuttings or waiting) directly to your hand (if you join a local person) or to your preferred bank account/payment processor (if you are joining a distant person in your team). The onetime out of pocket gift may sometimes appear as a big investment for some people, but when you compare the gigantic potential amount you may receive, this is just an atom..!

The innovative and amazing special features of CrowdRising

There are some web portals that are offering similar type of crowdfunding support, but CrowdRising outstands them all by its different and reliable working plan.

1. Receive Money Instantly from Member to Member.

2. Direct Payments to the Bank/Paypal etc.

3. Get Paid Even from Sponsor's spill over Referrals.

4. No Cuttings, Service Charges, Deductions, Fees,....

5. No Holding the Money or Keeps Pending...!

How to Start Receiving Donations Today Now?

* Click this link and Register:

* Log-in to your back-office and Add all your payment processors (Bank accounts). This will help other like-minded persons to send you donations.

* Watch the videos and tutorials to know more details.

*   Make your onetime Voluntary Donations of $20 (Rs.1330) to your Sponsor (the Person who invited you) and enter / submit the Payment Particulars in the space provided in the back-office.

* As soon as your sponsor verifies and finds that the payment made by you is received, he/she will approve your payment and you receive your own website that enables you to receive Global or Local Donation amounting to BILLIONS...!

*** Hence this opportunity is recommended as one the easiest and Best Opportunity available Now to Raise Crowdfunding Money without any risk.***

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Grab FREE WiFi INTERNET, FREE Shares, Money and JOB in US INC MNC

This Offer is too good to believe..! Even I was skeptical about this in the beginning. But my detailed research and opinions of some trusted online earning experts cleared all doubts about this golden opportunity mainly aimed for the benefit of the common and average people... internationally..! You too can check all the proofs that are furnished in the website.

Who don't want FREE Internet Offer? 
Unlimited..., Uninterpreted..., Hi-Speed..., Broadband..., World-wide? 
That too for life-long..! 
If someone is offering something for free, there will be some work or task we need to give in return.
But this Company's offers are absolutely free without any work or effort from its members.

The company which is presenting this global FREE Opportunity by name CommHubb is the brain child of an American Visionary - Vashek Mohr - who believes that the Internet must be accessible even by all the average people and it should be owned and controlled by the common population world-wide. To make his belief practical, he as developed an innovative project with his 2 other associates and formulated a mega plan that enables World wide Internet a people's property. 

This movement has been gaining wide acceptance in many countries and it is hoped that this great mission reaches every nook and corner of the world very soon. Membership of people from around the world is welcomed to make it a 'People's Movement'!

In order to achieve wide support of the global public, the company is offering various freebies which are unbelievable  and are never before offered by anyone anywhere..!

Our COMMHUBB is giving away all these following and much more..:

-Five free Ownership Shares (stock) of our company are given for each honest member who just joins the company online and verifies his/her account. Every Registered member also gets FREE Internet for life and preference will be given for the eligible and desirous candidates to get jobs in the company. 

In addition to the above, all free members who created valued accounts with the company can increase their shares and more money by referring other free members for 5 levels. USD $1.00 is paid for the first 5 referrals and referral income is paid for 5 levels from all down-lines. Likewise 2 shares are awarded for each person in one's 5 level down-line.

Note: It is not mandatory for any member to refer or share anything with anyone, but it is the duty of everyone who loves the company to see that it spreads fast and wide. And the company also pays liberally for referring this FREE Opportunity with others..!

'Make hay when the sun shines'. Join the company now and grab all the opportunity Before the official historical launch of the company, These free offers may be available only till launch...!

To JOIN, Just Click this link and Register:


After Registering, verify your e-mail account by clicking the link you receive in your mail.

Login to your account occasionally to know the updates of the company and to keep your account active. Dormant accounts for long may be removed.

Note: Money is payed via PayPal, which is the fastest and most secured online payment processor in the world. If you don't have a PayPal account, create one free now with your best e-mail id.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

FREE International MLM / Referral Opportunity. Earn DOLLARS Easily without investment

How to earn some FREE money online without any investment or fees?

There are many many people who make this search on all search engines like Google and Yahoo in the internet. You will find millions of results as an answer to this question with a number of promising and attractive opportunities. But before clicking any of these websites and joining them, there are a lot of things you need to know.

There are many people in the world who are earning money online from the comfort of their houses doing different types of works and jobs. While some people earn thousands of dollars daily some earn a few cents..! Most of the huge earning opportunities require some investment. But there are also many people who earn a lot of money smartly, legitimately and decently without much financial investment. But they put a lot of effort and time in the initial stage. 

If you are a beginner (newbie) and are desirous of starting online earning programs, the first and foremost earning opportunity you need to join is ClixSense. It is 100% FREE to Join and EASY to earn some dollars daily spending some time with clixsense. There are many ways by which one can earn money daily from clixsense without referring anyone like:

1. Clicking ads and visiting websites for a stipulated time (10/15/30 seconds).

2. Participating in paid surveys.

3. Completing free offers and micro tasks.

4. Clicking ClixGrid etc...

Note: In the beginning you may feel that the amount you earn may be small, but when you gradually learn to participate in more offers, you will not only increase your earnings, but also start loving ClixSense for providing this fun-way opportunity to earn online during one's free time.

ClixSense is one of the very few websites of its kind in the entire world that is very honest, genuine and paying on time promptly since its inception in 2007. Clixsense has hundreds of thousands of happy and satisfied loyal members in the world. There are thousands of people who earn a main income from clixsense by devoting more time on it doing more tasks and referring more people. 

How to start earning money online easily with no investment from clixsense?

1. Click this link and Register:
    [If you don't have a PayPal account, click the below link and create one free with your e-mail.]

2. Activate your account by clicking the link which you receive in your e-mail inbox.

3. Log-in to your Clixsense account and click 'VIEW ADS'.

Note: Click ONLY on ONE Advertisement and click on the 'cat' image on the TOP to verify and wait till the advertisement is loaded fully and the 'Green tick mark' appears. View the ads 'one' by 'one' only...

Log-in to your clixsense account and click ads several times every day to earn more. Don't leave any ads even if they are low worth (small).

After clicking ads ponder over the other earning ways and learn to earn from them by reading the instructions carefully.

To multiply your earnings, copy and paste your ClixSense referral link on face book, twitter, online classified sites etc and join your friends, contacts and any number of people. With the beauty of ClixSense, you will get a share of your referrals earnings also...!

If you have more referrals who are active, you can earn a smart income (many dollars) daily.

Note: Never join anyone from the same IP or log-in to your account from another person's computer or IP address. This is to prevent cheating and fraud.

NEW: This is another new FREE Global Opportunity of 2016 ending. As it is new, it is not tested or proven. It is in pre-launch. They offer huge money for just 15 minutes daily work. As you have nothing to lose, join it and refer it to others. Everyone who joins it gets automatic downlines by the system also. Please click this link and Register:

Saturday, 30 April 2016


Now there is a great news for all who are waiting for absolutely free and easy online earning opportunities by working at spare time. There is a new global earning opportunity for people who want to make some substantial money with easy freelancer work online without any investment. As there is no investment or upgradation needed, there is no risk or loss for anyone.

The opportunity is from a global trainer for earning, Mr Frederic Spears. He is the founder and owner of The opportunity looks very easy and attractive. He promises .01 cents for each person who joins (sign-up) free in your 10 levels depth. When your referrals join others, your position goes to higher levels. Then your earnings also grows beyond your knowledge or effort. That is the power of multilevel marketing. The admin promises payments without any 'minimum balance conditions'. That means when you join and refer one person, you earn 10 cents and you can request for a withdrawal without waiting for your money to reach certain amount...! Lets believe him.

Level 1: $0.01 x 10 (10 cents)
Level 2: $0.01 x 100 
Level 3: $0.01 x 1000
Level 4: $0.01 x 10000
Level 5: $0.01 x 100000
Level 6: $0.01 x 1000000
Level 7: $0.01 x 10000000
Level 8: $0.01 x 100000000
Level 9: $0.01 x 1000000000
Level 10: $0.01 x 10000000000

That means, though for each referral the referral income is very small, as referral commission for 10 level deep is paid, one gets very huge amount:

Level 1: You earn 0.10 cents.
Level 2: You earn $1.00
Level 3: you earn $10.00
Level 4: you earn $100.00
Level 5: you earn $1000.00
Level 6: you earn $10,000.00
Level 7: you earn $100,000.00
Level 8: you earn $1,000,000.00
Level 9: you earn $10,000,000.00
Level 10: you earn $100,000,000.00

Click this link and register:

You may get spill-over referrals also as my 11th referral will be placed under one of my referrals..

Friday, 8 January 2016 Excellent Earning Opportunity/ Best Referral TEAMS

'5 Dollar Gem' (by OnlineSensor)is a 'Crowdfunding' Global Multilevel Marketing Opportunity with a unique forced auto-fill plan. Though this new and latest referral business opportunity was launched recently in the end of 2015, it has become an international trendsetter within a very short time, with its earning plan that comes with a tiny voluntary start-up cost (contribution) of $5 (Rs.325) one time to the sponsor. 

People world-wide who have been waiting eagerly for an easy income opportunity with an affordable plan to make some substantial fast money easily have welcomed it with open hands. As the very name suggests, 5dollargem is a GEM for the POOR and NEEDY. Even FREE Members can Join this web-portal and create campaigns for their favourite causes and receive 'crowdfunding' donations without paying any money to anyone. If anyone wishes to make more money ie. USD millions (crores) by referring, he/she should get own referral website. For getting website with username like one can contribute $5 (Rs.325) to his/her sponsor and upgrade the free account. One need not invest an amount which one cannot afford. No need to take any loans for starting this small but mega online business. Because this amount is so low and tiny that even a poor person can afford in order to earn some substantial income for life.

What are the advantages of 5 Dollar Gem (5DG)?

1.  Absolutely FREE to JOIN and Raise donations for any Personal or Social Needs through 5DG's sister web-portal online sensor without paying any money to anyone.

2.  Optional upgrade amount (donation/investment) for getting own referral website is very small. Only $5 (five dollars) / Rs.325 one time. Easily affordable for all.

3.  With the beauty of the paying plan, one gets back the upgrade amount of $5 from single referral (after deducting admin fees and other charges). (But need to wait till it reaches the minimum payout threshold.)

4. Easy work that can be done part time (as a freelancer from home) for some time only in the initial stage without affecting other regular activities like jobs, studies or other business. Just Share to 4 and teach and help them to refer 4 each. Receive passive income for life.

5. Though the opportunity is very small, easy and simple, through the auto upgrading system, the earnings grow gradually into huge amounts as we enter in the higher levels automatically.

6. No qualifications or eligibility criteria to join. Anyone above the legal age in his country can join and make money independently without depending upon anyone. This is an international opportunity.

7. The money risk is small. No Binary. No products. No training needed. Share the opportunity with others and earn money by helping others attain economical empowerment. 

8. If for any reason the projections or calculations fail and something happens beyond our expectation, the maximum lose for a member is just $5 (Rs.325) when compared to other earning opportunities with higher risks.

How to attain financial freedom quickly within a short time and easily with simple part time freelancer works?

If you are looking for some substantial amount of money urgently for repaying debts (loans), fulfilling dreams like buying a house, higher education, charity, treatment, starting business / projects etc..., you have to click any one of the links below and join this opportunity. If you want follow-up support, please select the leader who can give you support in your language and area. Some of our TOP Global and Indian leaders referral website links are listed below: 

Note: If you join early in any of these Active TEAMS, you may get 'spill-over' referrals also.










After Registering, please click the 'dashboard' and add all your 'payout particulars' in the 'settings' on the left menu and 'add funds' to your e-wallet through the payment processors listed on top of the site. Select 'Paypal / Solid trust Pay' for outside India and 'Payumoney' for India and add $5/Rs.325 accordingly. 

Once your shopping cart e-wallet is funded, click the 'STEP UP' button and transfer the amount in the e-wallet to your 'sponsor's' account by selecting sponsor's username.

As soon as you have done the step-up, find your 'referral link' in your dash board and join others and spread the opportunity to as many people as possible to earn by helping earn. 


- Please be aware that the voluntary donation of $5 (Rs.325)  is non refundable. In the unfortunate event of something unforeseen that happens, you will lose this amount. 

- Successful earning depends purely on the personal effort of every individual. The more effort one puts, the more money he earns!!!