Friday, 8 January 2016 Excellent Earning Opportunity/ Best Referral TEAMS

'5 Dollar Gem' (by OnlineSensor)is a 'Crowdfunding' Global Multilevel Marketing Opportunity with a unique forced auto-fill plan. Though this new and latest referral business opportunity was launched recently in the end of 2015, it has become an international trendsetter within a very short time, with its earning plan that comes with a tiny voluntary start-up cost (contribution) of $5 (Rs.325) one time to the sponsor. 

People world-wide who have been waiting eagerly for an easy income opportunity with an affordable plan to make some substantial fast money easily have welcomed it with open hands. As the very name suggests, 5dollargem is a GEM for the POOR and NEEDY. Even FREE Members can Join this web-portal and create campaigns for their favourite causes and receive 'crowdfunding' donations without paying any money to anyone. If anyone wishes to make more money ie. USD millions (crores) by referring, he/she should get own referral website. For getting website with username like one can contribute $5 (Rs.325) to his/her sponsor and upgrade the free account. One need not invest an amount which one cannot afford. No need to take any loans for starting this small but mega online business. Because this amount is so low and tiny that even a poor person can afford in order to earn some substantial income for life.

What are the advantages of 5 Dollar Gem (5DG)?

1.  Absolutely FREE to JOIN and Raise donations for any Personal or Social Needs through 5DG's sister web-portal online sensor without paying any money to anyone.

2.  Optional upgrade amount (donation/investment) for getting own referral website is very small. Only $5 (five dollars) / Rs.325 one time. Easily affordable for all.

3.  With the beauty of the paying plan, one gets back the upgrade amount of $5 from single referral (after deducting admin fees and other charges). (But need to wait till it reaches the minimum payout threshold.)

4. Easy work that can be done part time (as a freelancer from home) for some time only in the initial stage without affecting other regular activities like jobs, studies or other business. Just Share to 4 and teach and help them to refer 4 each. Receive passive income for life.

5. Though the opportunity is very small, easy and simple, through the auto upgrading system, the earnings grow gradually into huge amounts as we enter in the higher levels automatically.

6. No qualifications or eligibility criteria to join. Anyone above the legal age in his country can join and make money independently without depending upon anyone. This is an international opportunity.

7. The money risk is small. No Binary. No products. No training needed. Share the opportunity with others and earn money by helping others attain economical empowerment. 

8. If for any reason the projections or calculations fail and something happens beyond our expectation, the maximum lose for a member is just $5 (Rs.325) when compared to other earning opportunities with higher risks.

How to attain financial freedom quickly within a short time and easily with simple part time freelancer works?

If you are looking for some substantial amount of money urgently for repaying debts (loans), fulfilling dreams like buying a house, higher education, charity, treatment, starting business / projects etc..., you have to click any one of the links below and join this opportunity. If you want follow-up support, please select the leader who can give you support in your language and area. Some of our TOP Global and Indian leaders referral website links are listed below: 

Note: If you join early in any of these Active TEAMS, you may get 'spill-over' referrals also.










After Registering, please click the 'dashboard' and add all your 'payout particulars' in the 'settings' on the left menu and 'add funds' to your e-wallet through the payment processors listed on top of the site. Select 'Paypal / Solid trust Pay' for outside India and 'Payumoney' for India and add $5/Rs.325 accordingly. 

Once your shopping cart e-wallet is funded, click the 'STEP UP' button and transfer the amount in the e-wallet to your 'sponsor's' account by selecting sponsor's username.

As soon as you have done the step-up, find your 'referral link' in your dash board and join others and spread the opportunity to as many people as possible to earn by helping earn. 


- Please be aware that the voluntary donation of $5 (Rs.325)  is non refundable. In the unfortunate event of something unforeseen that happens, you will lose this amount. 

- Successful earning depends purely on the personal effort of every individual. The more effort one puts, the more money he earns!!!