Saturday, 30 April 2016


Now there is a great news for all who are waiting for absolutely free and easy online earning opportunities by working at spare time. There is a new global earning opportunity for people who want to make some substantial money with easy freelancer work online without any investment. As there is no investment or upgradation needed, there is no risk or loss for anyone.

The opportunity is from a global trainer for earning, Mr Frederic Spears. He is the founder and owner of The opportunity looks very easy and attractive. He promises .01 cents for each person who joins (sign-up) free in your 10 levels depth. When your referrals join others, your position goes to higher levels. Then your earnings also grows beyond your knowledge or effort. That is the power of multilevel marketing. The admin promises payments without any 'minimum balance conditions'. That means when you join and refer one person, you earn 10 cents and you can request for a withdrawal without waiting for your money to reach certain amount...! Lets believe him.

Level 1: $0.01 x 10 (10 cents)
Level 2: $0.01 x 100 
Level 3: $0.01 x 1000
Level 4: $0.01 x 10000
Level 5: $0.01 x 100000
Level 6: $0.01 x 1000000
Level 7: $0.01 x 10000000
Level 8: $0.01 x 100000000
Level 9: $0.01 x 1000000000
Level 10: $0.01 x 10000000000

That means, though for each referral the referral income is very small, as referral commission for 10 level deep is paid, one gets very huge amount:

Level 1: You earn 0.10 cents.
Level 2: You earn $1.00
Level 3: you earn $10.00
Level 4: you earn $100.00
Level 5: you earn $1000.00
Level 6: you earn $10,000.00
Level 7: you earn $100,000.00
Level 8: you earn $1,000,000.00
Level 9: you earn $10,000,000.00
Level 10: you earn $100,000,000.00

Click this link and register:

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