Friday, 23 September 2016

Best Global Opportunity to Receive Donations INSTANTLY and Directly

This may be surely a Golden Opportunity for those who are looking for an immediate solution to their mounting financial crisis. If you are a person depressed and broken due to bad debts and struggling to clear it, you may try this. This newest and unique Opportunity is also very ideal for people who are despaired in life unable to fulfill their 'dreams' and 'Callings' in life because of the shortage of money.

All people who have personal financial needs for buying house/land, meeting educational expenses of children, wedding expenses, huge treatments costs of self or loved ones, foreign tours or pilgrimages, starting businesses, industry etc can try this. This opportunity is also very ideal for the organizations (NGOs) to raise enormous amounts of money for the successful completion/implementation of their various humanitarian and other service activities.

This is a CrowdFunding (CrowdSharing) job. The very principle is planned in accordance with the noble concept of giving many small donations for the fund-raising causes of a needy person. This can be done online or offline. As Crowdfunding is a universal legitimate method which is picking up fast momentum these days (with the arrival of internet), there are many honest agencies and corporations that function with the aim of helping persons and organizations to receive donations for their personal or social needs. Even though many of these companies extend their services free of charge (in the beginning), there is no guarantee that one can receive certain amount of money within a stipulated time period. Moreover, one need to give a fixed percentage of the collected money as commission (service charges) to the mediator agency. Worse than all of these the beneficiary has to wait until he/she reaches certain minimum amount to be paid out. This may sometime take even a lifespan.

Now coming to our Opportunity, this amazing portal is known as It is not a business or an MLM (Multilevel marketing) or Ponzy/pyramid Scheme. It is also not a money chain or scam. It purely facilitates an average person (and community) to achieve economical empowerment through sharing small affordable amounts as gifts. It is a simple opportunity to raise large amounts of money through affiliate referral programs.

This ultimate and foolproof CrowdFunding web portal works in lines with the Holy Words, "Give and you shall Receive in many folds". To become eligible to get funds, a member needs to make a small onetime voluntary contribution of $20 (Rs.1330) to his sponsor (the one who invited you to this portal by showing this to you). There is no compulsion or pressure on anyone to donate any money to any person or to the admins. Donating $20 out of pocket onetime is purely on personal choice and will.  When you refer (share) this to another needy person, you get your full 100% donation amount (ie $20) instantly (without any deduction or cuttings or waiting) directly to your hand (if you join a local person) or to your preferred bank account/payment processor (if you are joining a distant person in your team). The onetime out of pocket gift may sometimes appear as a big investment for some people, but when you compare the gigantic potential amount you may receive, this is just an atom..!

The innovative and amazing special features of CrowdRising

There are some web portals that are offering similar type of crowdfunding support, but CrowdRising outstands them all by its different and reliable working plan.

1. Receive Money Instantly from Member to Member.

2. Direct Payments to the Bank/Paypal etc.

3. Get Paid Even from Sponsor's spill over Referrals.

4. No Cuttings, Service Charges, Deductions, Fees,....

5. No Holding the Money or Keeps Pending...!

How to Start Receiving Donations Today Now?

* Click this link and Register:

* Log-in to your back-office and Add all your payment processors (Bank accounts). This will help other like-minded persons to send you donations.

* Watch the videos and tutorials to know more details.

*   Make your onetime Voluntary Donations of $20 (Rs.1330) to your Sponsor (the Person who invited you) and enter / submit the Payment Particulars in the space provided in the back-office.

* As soon as your sponsor verifies and finds that the payment made by you is received, he/she will approve your payment and you receive your own website that enables you to receive Global or Local Donation amounting to BILLIONS...!

*** Hence this opportunity is recommended as one the easiest and Best Opportunity available Now to Raise Crowdfunding Money without any risk.***