Tuesday, 25 October 2016

CROWDRISING.NET is the Ultimate Forced Auto-fill Crowd-Sharing / Crowdfunding Portal

There is an awesome new Opportunity for those people who are looking for an easy and quick method to make some substantial amount of money for any or all their personal needs or social needs or both with an affordable onetime investment of $20.

This is CROWDRISING.NET - the most modern, unique, risk-free and foolproof crowdsharing (crowdfunding/fundraising) opportunity. Though started only few months back, it has proven to the best and effective opportunity that enables even the little guy to attain financial independence through leveraging the power of network. More and more fortunate ones are discovering it day-by-day and realizing their financial dreams.

This is not a pyramid scheme or scam to dissapper with the public's money. The owners or Admins never touch or deal with the members donations. Money sending is Peer to Peer. Thus it is completely different from the other similar ones. This is the latest tech version of the age old practice of extending small donations for one person's projects, needs or fund raising campaigns such as weddings, house constructions, etc

This is ideal for people who are broken due to huge debts, who incurred loss in business or farming, who are in need of urgent money for education, treatment, marriages, buying / constructing houses, to fulfill dreams in life, to start new business / ventures, to establish and run educational institutions / hospitals / industries, for running charity, Missions, Church building etc.

Special features of Crowdrising:

* Donations are sent directly from member to member online or offline to one's bank or cash or preferred payment processor like Paypal, Payza etc.

* As donations are sent instantly and directly there is NO waiting for payouts.

* Can start Receiving Donations immediately after joining and activating account.

* No deductions or cuttings or Admin fees. Full 100% donation money is received by member from his/her referrals or down-lines referred by sponsor...

* No waiting for reaching certain minimum balance.

* As the portal is designed purely on a 5x15 level Forced Auto-fill Matrix, even a member who does not refer will receive donation from his/her sponsor's (up-line's) excess spill-over referrals, if your sponsor (upline) is a good and powerful referrer.

How to Start receiving donations through Crowdrising?

Joining CR is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Click the Link and Register: http://crowdrising.net/ref/Mother

    [You will be automatically taken to one of my weak referrals/down-lines, where there is a vacant space. As all my down-line positions are full. This will greatly help even those who are poor in referring to get spill-over referrals].

2. Check the tutorials to get a minimum idea of the plan and upgrading method.

3. Send your voluntary contribution (non-refundable - only if you are fully convinced) of $20 to your sponsor within 72 hours of Registration through any one of the payment processors listed in your back-office. After 72 hours your temporary membership expires if not activated (upgraded). Then submit the payment details in the place provided for your sponsor to receive and approve your donation.

4. When your sponsor approves your donation by clicking a button, your account becomes automatically active and you can share your referral link with others to receive donations.

Note: When you have donated $20 and activated your account, you are In the 1st level and you can receive $20 donations from 5 persons. When you get 3 donations of $20 each, you need to upgrade to the 2nd level with $40 so that you can receive $40 donations from 25 members who are in your 2nd level. In the same way, when you get 3 donations of $40 each you have to upgrade to the 3rd level with $60 which makes you eligible to get $60 donations from 125 persons in your 3rd level...

Important: When joining forced auto-fill plans such as this, it is important to choose the best TEAM or sponsors like ours to get possible spill-over referrals.

If you don't have paypal or Payza accounts, please create them free with your e-mail id. Having more accounts will help the prospective donor to send you contributions.

PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/

Payza:  https://payza.com/

This is a network/referral opportunity. You can join anyone who needs money urgently. Please explain to them clearly that this is a referral opportunity before joining them in your team. Please don't misguide anyone or deceive the innocent ones by giving false promises.


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