Saturday, 18 March 2017

Make free Bitcoins instantly. Honest BTC paying sites 2017

Do you want to start earning free Bitcoins instantly right now? Here is the list of some selected, tested and Honest BTC Portals that Pay in Satoshis, mBTC, etc in 2017. If you want you can start now and grow your earnings from '0' to BTCs in many ways. Some of them pay certain amount of Satoshis through their 'faucets' for just solving a captcha code every time as specified by them. Some others pay for clicking and viewing ads for few seconds. Please check below for more details.

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin aka BTC is a digital currency. It has no shape or solid form. It is created, owned and operated by people. It is not owned or controlled by any government or country. It is stored and transacted electronically. It is also called as one of the crypto-currency. It is the most valuable of all cryptocurrencies world-wide as on today. the value of a BTC which was just few dollars few years back has grown to an astonishing $1230 as on today! According to the opinion of Global financial experts, the value of 1 BTC may cross $10,000 in a couple of years and may even rise to $50,000 within some years...! Unbelievable no...?

Rich people who hear about this run helter-skelter to buy and possess some Bitcoins. and the average people who cannot afford to buy or own Bitcoins now are searching for some Opportunities to earn some Bitcoins for FREE. Many such people who go in search of easy and/or free bitcoin opportunities fall in the trap of scamsters who have created some fake websites (like spider webs) and wait / attract innocent people to go and become their victims...!

Before trying to Earn Bitcoins, you must have a FREE Block Chain Wallet and ID.

Important: Important: Important: Warning...!

Before joining any free or HYIP (high-yield investment programs), please check this excellent website titled 'BadBitcoin' with full information of all Bitcoin (BTC) related scams, cheatings and frauds! Their service is great. Hats off to those behind this great mission of helping the innocent people from falling into the clutches of online frauds! 

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FREE Bitcoin Faucets that are paying: (Please check each site before knowing their policies and withdrawal limits.)

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FREE Bitcoin Paid to Click Sites that are paying: (Please check each site before knowing their policies and withdrawal limits.)

Coin Bulb:

Please watch this page for new updates/listings.... Thanks and Best of Luck!

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  1. Bitluna has stopped paying in bitcoins. Only Payza processor is working but that too will be stopped.

    1. Yeah, just watching....
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      Thanks for your visit and comment!
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