Sunday, 24 September 2017

How to Get 3.24 Bitcoins Absolutely FREE Surfing a Traffic Exchange

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin....! 

As the value of 1 bitcoin reached $5000 early this month, more and more people started giving serious attention to this Cryptocurrency. People started believing the predictions of the experts about the sudden and steep rise in the value of Bitcoin. Many financial experts have foretold that 1 BTC will be equal to $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 within few years. And some have even felt that it may even become $1 million in few years. 

Watching these situations, the rich are buying and amassing Bitcoins to sell them later like shares of companies. And the average persons and poor people are desperately searching online for some easy and fast ways to earn some FREE BTCs (without any out of pocket investments). Many of these innocent people fall in the trap of scammers (cheaters) and waist a lot of their time and their hard earned money.

Here I have discovered a practical and simple way to earn as much as 3.24 Bitcoins Every 51 Days with 'zero' out of pocket investment (or every 21 Days with a onetime investment of 0.0005 btc (about $2) and about 30 minutes /3 minutes daily surfing in the world's first bitcoin traffic exchange network. Its name  is an online advertising system. It is From Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark - trusted and reputed Admins/Owners.

In addition to Bitcoins, You also get Effective traffic Credits to advertise your websites/links in their traffic exchange for FREE.

Here is the Easy and Simple way to Make 3.24 FREE Bitcoins every 51 Days or 21 Days:

To Earn 3.24 BTC In 51 Days FREE ...

Follow these steps : 

- Click this Link and Register at the Infinity Traffic Boost site and verify your e-mail:
- Log-in to your Back-office and Activate "Use earnings to purchase TPO´s your way up" in the "Affiliate / Earnings" section
- Surf 100 Pages a day / approx. only 30 minutes
- Refer some members preferably 4 persons who will do the same.

That is all what you have to do to earn 3.24 BTC in 51 days for FREE.

How to Earn 3.24 BTC In 21 Days - my way..(with a tiny onetime investment)

Follow these steps :

- Click this link and Register at the Infinity Traffic Boost and verify your e-mail:
- Log-in to your back-office and Activate "Use earnings to purchase TPO´s your way up" in the "Affiliate / Earnings" section
- Purchase TPO 1 for only 0.0005 Bitcoin (approaximately $2)
- Surf 10 Pages a day / approx. 3 minutes
- Refer 4 persons who are doing the same

That is all what you have to do to earn 3.24 BTC in 21 days with 0.0005 ($2).

Of course, you can refer more people. The more you refer, the more you earn faster.

Have fun and earn Bitcoins!

For more information, Watch/check the website below:


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