Thursday, 28 December 2017

New Low-cost forced money matrix: Turn $2.00 into $1000s in 2018

Another new year (2018) has arrived. While new years are welcomed by the rich and the affluent, the poor and average people consider them as nightmares. With the coming of new years their financial burdens also increase in leaps and bounds. And to find a solution to this, they desperately search for some easy and fast ways to make some quick money without much investment or effort.

Pays4ever seems to be an ideal solution for the poor and needy to earn some easy money quickly with a onetime out of pocket investment of just $2.00. There are many advantages and some disadvantages for this cheap and fast money matrix that enables one to earn upto $1,000,000 through the power of network marketing. Even if a person who joins this matrix and purchases advertisement for $2, succeeds to earns only 10% of the projected income he/she would make about $100,000! Suppose a member achieves only 1% success, his/her earning would be $10,000. It is not a small thing to ignore easily.

According to the predictions of the founders of advertising portal, it could be the fastest moving program in 2018.

- Low Entry Cost - Just $2
- No Referral Needed To Earn
- No Admin Fees - Ever
- Direct "Member to Member" Payments 'instantly'
- Small 2X3 Forced Matrix
- Spillover & Spillunder

Their FORCED Matrix Plan as the site says is Simply Amazing and the outcome is huge..

Phase 1 : Invest $2 - Earn $100
Phase 2 : Invest $20 - Earn $1000
Phase 3 : Invest $200 - Earn $10000
Phase 4 : Invest $2000 - Earn $100000
Phase 5 : Invest $20000 - Earn $1000000

For the upgrade amount of $2.00, member gets 2000 Banner Credits and 2000 Text Ad Credits that can be used to promote other websites or links. More ad credits are added to the account while going to the higher levels!

To Join, power team and avail lot of spillover referrals and income, please click this link and Register. As soon as you register, make the advertisement purchase by paying $2.00 to your sponsor directly through one of the payment processors listed in the back-office.

The demerits that I wish to add here are:

- I could not find the person/s who runs the show anywhere in the site.
  (But as payments are made directly to the members, it does not matter much)
- As a lot of advertisements are listed inside, it looks little clumsy inside.
- Even though, members may get lot of spillover referrals in the beginning, I don't know how the people who join after years get spillover?
- Please do not join if you cannot afford to risk $2.00 dollars.

Best wishes and Happy Earning.

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